Text Formatting

Last Updated: 01-Oct-19

Use the following HTML-like tags in the Info and ErrorInfo interative actions to format text.

Tag Description Syntax Attributes
BIG Big Text <BIG>…</BIG>  
B Bold Text <B>…</B>  
BR Line Break <BR>  
CODE Code Text <CODE>…</CODE>  
FONT Font Change <FONT>…</FONT> COLOR=”Color string”
BGCOLOR=”Color string”
SIZE=”Size adjustment”
FACE=”Font face name”
HR Horizontal Rule <HR> SIZE=Line thickness
I Italic Text <I>…</I>  
SMALL Small Text <SMALL>…</SMALL>  
STRIKE Strike-through Text <STRIKE>…</STRIKE>  
SUB Subscript Text <SUB>…</SUB>  
SUP Superscript Text <SUP>…</SUP>  
U Underlined Text <U>…</U>  

The FONT COLOR and BGCOLOR attributes both take a color string value, which is a string in one of three forms:

  • “color-name” - Example: “red”.
  • “hex-value” - Example: “#FF0000”.
  • “rgb-value” - Example: “255,0,0”.

The SIZE attribute for FONT takes relative size adjustments – plus or minus. For example, SIZE=”+4” or SIZE=”-2”.