File Read

Last Updated: 02-Oct-19

This action does one simple thing: reads the first line from a text file and places the value of that line in a specified variable. It will also optionally delete that line from the text file. This is very useful for generating unique system names during OSD from a list of names, prefixes, or suffixes listed in that text file.

The below snippet does the following:

  1. Reads the first line from the file named TextFile1.txt located in the root of the P drive
  2. Places the value of that line in the MyValue variable
  3. Deletes the line from the file

The P drive, of course, needs to be accessible and the context in which UI++ runs must have read and write access to the file. You can easily do this using a Connect to Network Folder step in the task sequence before it executes UI++.

<Action Type="FileRead" DeleteLine="True" Variable="MyValue" Filename="P:\TextFile1.txt" />