Last Updated: 07-Jul-19

Notable major features in UI++ include the following.

  • Customizable look and feel.
  • Information displayed using HTML formatting.
  • User input in drop-down list boxes, checkboxes, and text boxes validated using regular expressions.
  • Automatic variables and system information collection including model, hardware type, TPM, CPU, hypervisor, and more.
  • Read from and write to the following:
    • WMI
    • The Windows registry
    • Task sequence variables
  • A task sequence variable browser and editor.
  • Conditional execution of every element using VBScript expressions.
  • Inline variable replacement for any value using task sequence variables.
  • Active Directory authentication and authorization.
  • Customizable preflight checks and warnings.
  • An AppTree that displays and enables selection of both Applications and Packages.
  • Software discovery and mapping to ConfigMgr Applications or Packages.
  • State save and load to and from a data file.